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I wrote a newspaper article in 1983 about the fate of students graduating from Technical and vocational schools which had very few options to further their education. Since then, many more private and public vocational schools have been created. Also, some teacher’s training schools have been created or attached to existing universities to train young students in vocational and technical schools. Many private institutions have been created to train young people for the ever growing hospitality sector in hotel management and restauration. The University of Ngaoundere has trained hundreds if not thousands of process engineers who could support the food processing or transformation sector.

Have all these efforts solved the problem raised in my 1983 newspaper article? Note quite, if at all. Graduates from technical and vocational schools still have very few options. There is the hope that companies will absorb some of the young people into their work force to provide technical services in maintenance or factories. These hopes are still a wild wish because our Country still has to develop the secondary sector.

The way out of this dilemma is very apparent. The youth with technical and vocational skills may have the solution to the creation or development of our secondary sector. This can only happen if the create businesses to use the skills that they have. In other words, youths with technical and vocational skills need entrepreneurial skills so as to employ themselves and create jobs.

In DMC via the newly created academy, we are launching applied technical and vocational entrepreneurship.

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Registering a Business in Cameroon.

Registering a business in Cameroon has been made easier. The Center for Enterprise Creation Formalities (CFCE) is a government agency responsible for registering a business or Company in Cameroon. To register a new business, you will have to present yourself at their offices. Click here for a complete list of (CFCE) offices nationwide.

The Center for Enterprise Creation Formalities can help entrepreneurs obtain the certificates below.

  • Trade Register (issued by Ministry of Justice trial court)
  • Taxpayer Card (issued by the Director General of Taxes)
  • Patent Title (issued by the Director General of Taxes)

People registering  in the three regions below can register their business online by following This Link:

  • Littoral
  • Center
  • North

There following three different types of companies can be registered at the center:

  1. Enterprising Scheme – for small economic operators
  1. Traders, Person (Establishment) – for individual trader
  2. Local Companies, Corporations (Limited Liability Company)

The documents needed for registration will depend on the type of company being registered but generally the following documents must be presented:

  • Localization plan of the business
  • Copy of ID card
  • Certificate of non conviction of not more than three months old
  • Copy of ID card of possible employees

The registration fee is 41‘500 FCFA

For more information regarding business registration feel free to contact us by sending an email to or by visiting our website

(Acha Ekeah Vincent)

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Is it about empowering women or women self-empowerment or both?

Women economic is a cause that must be championed by the woman herself. Only the woman who desires to be empowered can effectively be empowered. What I mean is that the desire to be empowered must  exist otherwise she will be like the proverbial prisoner who would not leave the prison cell even when the cell and the gate were wide open. The first step is to sensitize the women, especially the rural woman about her economic human rights, then coach and train those who so desire in advocacy, lobbying and negotiations.

One of the greatest handicap of women economic empowerment in Cameroon, is access to finance. The banks in our country consistently request land title as collateral for business funding and this is problematic! Married women do not have access to this form of collateral as the family land or house belongs to the husband who will not relinquish it to the wife.

The African Development Bank tried to address the issue of access to finance for women entrepreneurs through the “Growth Oriented Women Enterprises (GOWE) program” which had a capacity building component and the financing component with partial guarantee. While the capacity building component succeeded to an extent, the access to finance component failed partially because of banks’ conditionality. The program partner banks hung onto the request for land titles which the women could not afford!

In conclusion the desire to be empowered and changes in policies are required for effective economic empowerment of women in Cameroon.

The economic empowerment of the Cameroon women is critical to the development of women entrepreneurship in the country.

Watch out for my next comments on the Women entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

Me: What if any has been the reaction or change in banking policy by IFC’s partner banks as far as facilitating access requirements to these women is concerned?


There has been no change. Banks in Cameroon have excess liquidity while the economy is in short supply of liquidity. The women have no choice than to turn to the informal sector or micro finance institutions which willingly offer access to finance at very high costs that cannot profitably finance medium to long cycle businesses.

Me: Do you have any final comments with regards to the business atmosphere in Cameroon and the women’s economic potential in particular?


The business climate in Cameroon is not friendly and this explains our poor ranking in the World Bank/IFC’s “doing business” index. This environment is detrimental to women’s economic empowerment. There have been talks about the so-called “Women bank” which may be a partial solution, if well managed, but the overall business climate must improve to enable women economic empowerment.

Me: Have you heard of the Knowledge Gateway? If no, would you like to be better informed and if possible engage in the Knowledge Gateway?


I got to know about the Knowledge Gateway through your tweets and have visited the website. I tried to register but had some password issues. I will like to engage in the discussions and possibly network for opportunities to be more useful to my community.

Me: Thank you for taking time to answer my short questions.

(Bibiana MBUH TAKU)

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On the occasion of the 2018 Valentine day and the next International Women’s day, coming on the 8th of March 2018, we at Diversity Management & Consulting ltd have decided to celebrate some attributes of the Woman:

  • The symbol of love.
  • Resilience personified.

Symbol of LOVE

Who has never felt the unconditional love of the mother? Be you a girl, a boy or a man, you are born of a woman and therefore of a mother. Prince Nico Mbaraga (of blessed memory) defined a mother’s love very vividly in his son titled “Sweet mother”. The line that catches my attention most is “When I dey sick, my mother e go cry cry cry, she go say instead make I die make e die ooo”. This is a perfect description of the love of a woman. One who is willing to lay down her life for her child. She is the first to rise and the last to sleep. She is quite often taken for granted but always ready to forgive and to love.

At DMC ltd, we have reflected so much on this attribute of the woman and have chosen this 14th February 2018 which is the St. Valentine day celebrated by lovers to appreciate the woman, the symbol of love and as a prelude to March 8th which is a day celebrated the World over as the international women’s day. To all the women in the world, DMC says: WE LOVE YOU! YOU ALL ARE OUR VALENTINE!

Resilience personified

Have we ever taken some time to reflect on the impact of the resilience of some women on some major and impactful changes in the world?

Charity begins at home, so I will start with my own mother: Helen ATABONG ASABA FONTEM who was the first woman in our land to be the successor of a man, her father Prince Asaba Nyiawung Fontem! She inherited her father’s property including LAND. Her resilience took her through the courts and she was victorious over her uncles who challenged her for wanting to do what no woman has ever done. Did her resilience bring about an impactful change? Yes, today in our land we have women who have titles of nobility (nkem) which was meant only for men. Women owned coffee farms and now cocoa farms.

My hero, Hillary RODHAM CLINTON almost became the President of the United States of America thanks to her resilience. Today, more and more women in the USA are vying for political positions. What about Dame ROSA PARK? Wangari Maathai, the founder of the green belt movement? We celebrate these and other resilient women who have changed the course of history and brought about irreversible impacts in the world.

Back to Cameroon, we celebrate the Kah Wallah’s, Dr. Diane ACHA MORFAW’s, Dr. Rose LEKE’s, Mrs. Francisca BIAKA’s, Mrs. Esther OMAM’s and many others whose resilience has impacted the Cameroon socio-economic-health-political arena. We cannot, give enough praise and honor to  million of women farmers and buyam sellam who brave all odds to provide access to food, health and education to their families and the nation at large!

Currently, Cameroon is witnessing the emergence of a vibrant, dynamic and resilient brand of young women entrepreneurs who have refused to bow to the challenging and degrading business climate. These young women are thriving against all odds in the fashion and design sectors, entertainment, information technology & communication and digital driven businesses. We at DMC celebrate you and your resilience and above all, the impact that it is creating in reshaping the outlook and the future of our country. Your resilience is irreversibly designing the Cameroon that you want and not the Cameroon that is being imposed on you.

Finally, we celebrate the women in corporate whose progress cannot happen without resilience as it is often thought that positions of authority and power are meant only for men.