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About Us

Diversity Management and Consulting ltd (DMC) is a Cameroon-based global player in capacity building development delivery solutions. We specialize in offering sustainable, innovative, strategic and operational solutions that stimulate and promote business growth and profitability.

 We work with our clients to identify their business development needs, design, customize and deliver solutions through capacity building training, financial and management advisory and specialized coaching, monitoring and impact evaluation.

Our key strength is our customer-focus approach and access to the global best practices in capacity-building that come from our collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (member of the World Bank group).

 To sustain the highest quality of our capacity building services solutions, we work with an international network of:

  • Certified Trainers of Trainers;
  • Certified Trainers;
  • Certified e-learning trainers;
  • Certified instructional designers;
  • Certified e-learning course designers;
  • Certified trainers of assessors.

 We have a consistent pattern of successful interventions in:

  • Entrepreneurship capacity building delivery to micro, small and medium sized businesses;
  • Managerial skills enhancement delivery to owners of Small businesses and middle management of corporations;
  • Leaders and managers of cooperatives and agricultural organizations.

 As active stakeholders of sustainable development, we support businesses in their quest for a harmonious relationship between business growth and the operating environment by offering affordable and innovative solutions in:

  • Environmental impacts assessments & audits;
  • Environmental clean-up and waste management;
  • Environmental inspections;
  • Risk assessment & hazard studies;
  • Environmental management plan implementation and monitoring.

 Though based in Douala – Cameroon, we have intervened in many other sub-Sahara African countries that include, The Republic of Benin, Togo, Mali, Rwanda, Burundi, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast.