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I wrote a newspaper article in 1983 about the fate of students graduating from Technical and vocational schools which had very few options to further their education. Since then, many more private and public vocational schools have been created. Also, some teacher’s training schools have been created or attached to existing universities to train young students in vocational and technical schools. Many private institutions have been created to train young people for the ever growing hospitality sector in hotel management and restauration. The University of Ngaoundere has trained hundreds if not thousands of process engineers who could support the food processing or transformation sector.

Have all these efforts solved the problem raised in my 1983 newspaper article? Note quite, if at all. Graduates from technical and vocational schools still have very few options. There is the hope that companies will absorb some of the young people into their work force to provide technical services in maintenance or factories. These hopes are still a wild wish because our Country still has to develop the secondary sector.

The way out of this dilemma is very apparent. The youth with technical and vocational skills may have the solution to the creation or development of our secondary sector. This can only happen if the create businesses to use the skills that they have. In other words, youths with technical and vocational skills need entrepreneurial skills so as to employ themselves and create jobs.

In DMC via the newly created academy, we are launching applied technical and vocational entrepreneurship.

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Registering a Business in Cameroon.

Registering a business in Cameroon has been made easier. The Center for Enterprise Creation Formalities (CFCE) is a government agency responsible for registering a business or Company in Cameroon. To register a new business, you will have to present yourself at their offices. Click here for a complete list of (CFCE) offices nationwide.

The Center for Enterprise Creation Formalities can help entrepreneurs obtain the certificates below.

  • Trade Register (issued by Ministry of Justice trial court)
  • Taxpayer Card (issued by the Director General of Taxes)
  • Patent Title (issued by the Director General of Taxes)

People registering  in the three regions below can register their business online by following This Link:

  • Littoral
  • Center
  • North

There following three different types of companies can be registered at the center:

  1. Enterprising Scheme – for small economic operators
  1. Traders, Person (Establishment) – for individual trader
  2. Local Companies, Corporations (Limited Liability Company)

The documents needed for registration will depend on the type of company being registered but generally the following documents must be presented:

  • Localization plan of the business
  • Copy of ID card
  • Certificate of non conviction of not more than three months old
  • Copy of ID card of possible employees

The registration fee is 41‘500 FCFA

For more information regarding business registration feel free to contact us by sending an email to or by visiting our website

(Acha Ekeah Vincent)