agri businessThe development of the private sector in Africa will be successful if the right dosage of emphasis is placed on our greatest treasure: natural resources.

However, we are learning at our highest cost that mining and crude oil production have been unable to create the expected impact on the development of our private sector, specifically, and our economy as a whole.

We are gradually highlighting the assertion that developing our agricultural sector is the key to the emergence of our countries. We could argue that we have always produced food crops and so what the heck? The truth is that we are only starting to agree that Agricultural entrepreneurship is what we need in order to transform subsistence farming to businesses.

In DMC we are active stakeholders in supporting the efforts of developing partners towards skills development of Agricultural organisations who are the emerging standard bearers of the crusade to integrate "Agri'preneurship" into the strategy to the development of our rural sector.

We offer managerial skills development services to agricultural organisations, cooperatives and farmers through development partners and/or directly in the following arears:

Agri Preneurial Skills capacuty Building
Agri Business management support and advisory
Business planning, access to input and finance



Some Partners

IFC (World Bank)
PHB Development

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